Extracurricular Activities

We believe extracurricular activities, sports, fitness, and recreation programs are integral to the education and rehabilitation of students who have educational and emotional needs and have learning disabilities like attention deficit disorder.

Team sports in particular, such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, and cheerleading, help our children and troubled teens develop coordination and self-control, learn team-building skills, and use exercise and play as an outlet for their emotions and stress. Indirectly, but just as important, students in our special education program gain an improved body image as well as build their confidence and self-esteem. Athletic pursuits often foster the development of social skills and build lasting friendships, which are incredibly important to children in foster care.

Besides team sports, Hillsides Education Center offers:

  • Theatre Class/Performances
  • Chess Club
  • Student Government
  • Magic Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Lego Robot Team

Campus Map

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