Author Dorey Lorey Visits Students at Special Education Center

Author of Nightmare Academy Fosters Children's Use Imagination and Creativity By Holly Goodrich

(PASADENA, CA)--When children close their eyes at night do they have visions of sugar plums or perhaps they have nightmares of battling scary monsters? Dean Lorey, author of the Nightmare Academy series of books, recently visited foster care children in Pasadena. Lorey, himself, had a vivid imagination as a child and wondered what it would be like if our nightmares were real.

Speaking and reading to the children of Hillsides, a 95-year foster care children's charity, and special education students at Hillsides Education Center, Lorey addressed the topics of imagination and creation. When Lorey was a child, he would have nightmares about ghost and goblins and he always wondered where you would end up if those dreams were real.

This Nightmare Academy series, Lorey created a place called the Nether, a place where your nightmares took place and you would battle scary monsters. Lorey wants foster care and special education children to realize that no matter where you come from in life, you can take your imagination and create a world all your own.

Emphasizing what is possible from a bit of imagination and creation, Lorey showed the special education and foster care students at Hillsides illustrations that his good friend J.P. Targete created for the book series. These illustrations of the characters and of the places the characters travelled to in the Nether world were wonderful examples of how using your imagination and creativity can result in something possible, and even fruitful as an adult.

"You really get a sense of what these characters look like from the illustrations and the differences between what Targete thought and what you had thought in your mind from reading the books," Lorey said.

For the special education students at Hillsides Education Center and Hillsides foster care children, having an author like Lorey come and share his experiences of writing a book and then bringing them to life offers them hope for a productive future. The visit and discussion show these students that with a vivid imagination and a dream anything is possible.

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