Producer & Author Frank Beddor Entertains Foster Care Kids with Seeing Redd

Producer of "There's Something About Mary" Visits Hillsides Students in Pasadena

(PASADENA, CA)— Animating his second book, SEEING REDD, Frank Beddor entertained children in foster care who live at Hillsides, Pasadena children's charity, and students in special education at Hillsides Education Center. Producer of "There's Something About Mary," Beddor's first visit with the children was last year when he engaged them in the story of THE LOOKING GLASS WARS, the first installment of an ALICE IN WONDERLAND-based trilogy. Since then, special education students and foster care children have been hooked.

Armed with a majestic box containing an antique deck of cards and character illustrations, copies of his books, a movie trailer, and other memorabilia, Beddor shared with students at Hillsides Education Center the back story of how The Looking Glass Wars came to life. In addition, he explained how creativity was used to produce different elements of the book trilogy, movie, comic book, illustrations, stickers, videogame, and more.

Capturing the attention of students in special education and foster care children, Beddor demonstrated his own acting ability by using a lively tone, hand gestures, and an engaging presence around the room. Beddor appealed to the students in his second visit, garnering cheers and applause for his captivating and mesmerizing storytelling ability.

"I just finished reading Seeing Redd," one foster care child told Beddor, proudly smiling.

The story is relatable, said Beddor, equating Alyss' life with that of many of the students that attend Hillsides Education Center and live at Hillsides, a 95-year foster care children's charity. "It's about the hope, the strength of imagination, and believing in who you are. The story is appropriate for this population who can use the power of imagination in their own lives."

Beddor offered the children and youth an opportunity to playfully audition for two characters in the upcoming movie, based on the book. Many hands waved in the air, trying to get Beddor's attention. Several children read from a script with a chance to be in the limelight among a celebrity. He also invited the foster care children and special education students to play the interactive game on for free.

"I do a lot of school visits, including where communities are not well off and families can't afford special presentations," said Beddor. "I give some excitement to kids who may not have a chance to meet an author."

Afterwards, the children eagerly lined up to get memorabilia autographed such as a comic book, posters, and stickers Beddor created. Beddor donated copies of Seeing Redd and other illustration books tied to the trilogy to the foster care children's charity library.

"I can't think of anything more exciting than an author visiting the children and sharing his writing experience," said Sherri Ginsberg, Hillsides' librarian. "The first visit with Frank Beddor created enthusiasm among the children and engaged them in the book. The children were eager to see him again."

Beddor is currently working on his third book in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy. To learn more about Hillsides and Hillsides Education Center, visit

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About Hillsides Education Center: Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Hillsides Education Center provides special education to st=udents who are severely emotionally disturbed or have learning disabilities. Ten school districts refer students to this nonpublic and private school located in Pasadena.


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