Hillsides Education Center Enjoys Educational, Fun-Filled Performance by Bubble Man By Nicola Wilkins-Miller (PASADENA, CA)--Students from the local Pasadena special education nonpublic school, Hillsides Education Center, were dazzled and entertained by the Amazing Bubble Man. This event is part of a monthly series of educational and entertaining performances organized by the Las Candelas Program for the students at the special education school, serving students in Los Angeles County.
Students and Local Charity Participated in the Great SoCal ShakeOut Drill (PASADENA, CA) –On November 13 local Pasadena special education nonpublic school, Hillsides Education Center, including the children's charity, Hillsides, participated in the Great Southern California ShakeOut Drill, the largest earthquake preparedness activity in U.S. history.
People Connectors Host Career Day for Hillsides Education Center (PASADENA, CA)— Local business members of People Connectors shared their experiences as entrepreneurs and employees with students from Hillsides Education Center, a special education school in Pasadena that provides individualized education program plans to children with a learning disability or who suffer severe emotional disturbances.
Author of Nightmare Academy Fosters Children's Use Imagination and Creativity By Holly Goodrich (PASADENA, CA)--When children close their eyes at night do they have visions of sugar plums or perhaps they have nightmares of battling scary monsters? Dean Lorey, author of the Nightmare Academy series of books, recently visited foster care children in Pasadena. Lorey, himself, had a vivid imagination as a child and wondered what it would be like if our nightmares were real.
Producer of "There's Something About Mary" Visits Hillsides Students in Pasadena


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