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Our GROWTH Goals

The GROWTH group is a skill development program that focuses on the social, emotional, and behavioral growth of our students. Students focus on four specific skills areas: Personal Awareness, Social Awareness, Problem Solving, and Tenacity. This group supports the integration of academic and life skills to increase their capacity to generalize skills illustrate student growth and success over time and identify readiness to transition to a less restrictive setting.

Tenacity:  This is our ability to start and complete a task, whether the task is something we believe we can do, or find difficult and challenging.  Tenacity is our ability to persevere and to deal with obstacles and hurdles that come up in life in a productive way.  Tenacity is displaying our skills on good days and not so good days. 

Problem Solving:  Problem solving is our ability to face challenges with the awareness that there are a variety of solutions to assist us in resolving issues.  It is our ability to choose appropriate ways to solve problems, stressors, and frustrations that we may encounter on a regular basis.  Problem solving is the way we effectively resolve conflicts and our ability to take a step back and appropriately analyze situations prior to reacting.

Social Awareness:  Our social awareness is our ability to understand perspectives of others.  It is how we develop and maintain relationships, understand our boundaries, and develop empathy for others.  This is recognizing  and embracing diversity, and developing an understanding of  how our actions affect others and our environment. 

Personal Awareness: Our personal awareness is our ability to self-reflect and understand who we are as individuals.  It is being here and being present in our various environments.  It is our ability to understand our triggers, and to be aware of our strengths and our challenges.  Personal awareness is the understanding that we all have areas we can improve upon.  It is developing self-control, being able to effectively de-escalate, and having ownership of ourselves, our education and all aspects of our lives.  


HEC will:

  • Lead each student toward positive mental and emotional health and image by improving his or her self awareness and reactions to others.
  • Create successful transitions to public high school or adulthood.  

HEC students will demonstrate:

  • Grade level academic improvement annually, demonstrated by use of pre- and post- assessment data, and IEP assessment data.
  • Growth and improvement on IEP goals.
  • Growth in individual social-emotional skill areas (social awareness, tenacity, personal awareness, and problem solving) demonstrated by achievement of steps within the GROWTH system

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