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Student Outcomes


Students are tested upon entering HEC to determine their present level of academic performance. Although academic progress will very greatly from student to student, based upon their level of ability, HEC’s goal is to raise students one to two grade levels of achievement for each academic year of work they complete at HEC. The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement is administered fall, spring and annually for the purpose of using standardized measures for tracking academic gains. Identified personal objectives are outlined in their individual education plans, but all contain the same standards: 


We help each child reach the highest developmental level possible to him or her through therapeutic intervention and individual and group therapy. Each child is expected to reach the highest developmental level possible to him. Our goal is to mainstream students back to their peers. We accomplish this by taking students on outings to the community and the school, through ROP, and finally, through partial day mainstreaming into a public school.


We help each child reach his or her level of personal excellence based upon his or her emotional and developmental level. Our system of behavioral accountability brings out the best in our students.


Our aim is to enable students to positively interact with adults and peers in the mainstream of their school and community. To this end, students go on field trips at least twice a year to reinforce appropriate social behavior. In addition, outside entertainers and consultants are brought in to provide assemblies and workshops in areas such as dance, art and career exploration.  Teachers are always looking for opportunities to assist students in developing social skills, whether at the lunch table, on one of our many community outings or field trips, in the auditorium during assemblies, or during extracurricular events such as the science fair, sporting events or club events.

Community/Adult Living

We strive to turn teens into self-sufficient adults who are able to work, participate, and contribute to society.  Not only is it expected that existing troubled teens will be academically successful, we educate them on personal rights, work and transportation options, and other life skills so they are able to fully participate in their community.

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