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What Parents are Saying

When deciding on which school is best for your child or troubled teen who may suffer from socio-emotional, learning, and behavior challenges, what other parents say is often a good starting point. We’d like to share with you testimonials we have received about our special education teachers and the education program we offer to our students.

“My son’s sense of self-worth has improved so much. He feels successful here.” --Jennifer Baugham, HEC parent

"HEC has given my daughter support in all the areas she needed. She's gotten structure, one-on-one attention, validation, and group and individual counseling. She love it here!" --Meg Russett, HEC parent

"I would like to commend Hillsides Education Center or their outstanding quality of teachers and teaching. …Ms. Szilagi-Johnson has shown a deep loyalty, unwavering concern and belief in my son. She shows this every day by her constant attention, unrelenting perseverance, and unending involvement to [my son] and to his fellow classmates….And now that he has made so many behavioral strides, I know that she has the right stuff to help him academically. She already has—he is finally learning to read!"

--Betsy ET Rook, mother of an HEC child
(Excerpt taken from a letter sent to Jay Bechtol, director of Hillsides Education Center)

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