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Residential Treatment Services

Hillsides Residential Treatment Services provide a safe and stable environment in a short-term residential therapeutic program for children and youth who cannot live at home, who suffered trauma and who have severe emotional, psychological and behavioral challenges requiring specialized care and treatment. Our dynamic team of experts help vulnerable youngsters restore hope, rediscover the joy of childhood, and achieve a happier, more secure future. Our main campus, located on 17 acres of beautiful park-like grounds, includes five cottages, an arts and recreation center, a children's resource center, nursing offices for children and families, a playground, swimming pool, and a library. Older youth develop independent living skills, job training and community experiences. Children and youth in our residential program also benefit from "wraparound" services that give them yet another layer of therapeutic support. With input from children and families, we partner with other agencies and resources to provide the highest quality continuum of care and ensure that each child and family reach their full potential.

What we believe

  • Children belong at home in their community.
  • Families are experts on themselves and their children.
  • Family culture is acknowledged and honored.
  • Planning and treatment are individualized and strength-based.
  • Family involvement and connections are essential.
  • Strong communities make strong families.
  • Services are adaptable and accessible 24 hours a day.


940 Avenue 64
Pasadena, CA 91105-2711

Fill out our intake form or call (323) 274-3075 to inquire about services.

Campus Map

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